Malerei Annette Wessel
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  Annette Wessel Vita Annette Wessel Arbeitsweise

I work predominantly with acrylics on canvas, jute, card and paper. Occasionally I will also use chalks, paper, watercolours etc.

Practically all my pictures are characterised by stark contrasts.

Sometimes my work is quite spontaneous, and I don’t start out with any definite aim in mind; at other times, I have a very precise idea of what I want to paint.
What always matters to me with either way of working, however, is that I allow myself to be taken down new paths – opened up either by my own thought processes, or by external events – and follow them wherever they lead.
Every picture must be worked in a completely new and fresh way in order not to become simply routine.
Nature and isolation are crucial to the creative process. I am fortunate to be able to work in two places that make this possible for me, both in Germany and in France.

My pictures can be placed somewhere between the abstract and the figurative/informal.

The subject-matter is often spaces or the people who are part of the spaces.
Every viewer experiences these spaces differently, depending on his or her particular situation.

Although many people want to know a picture’s title and some can only find their way into a picture via the written word, I prefer not to give my pictures titles in order not to limit people’s way of looking at them. These kinds of pictures then become – for those who can see their way into them – their “own pictures”.